Photos and comments!

'Dinner out on the 1st night was a good ice-breaker and a lever into Greek dishes and way of serving.'

'Your 5 Euro challenge was fun and creative, it also gave a little frisson of competitiveness, if one is so inclined, ha!'

'What else?! You had it all! I loved the time in your kitchen and then eating what we'd made together outside on the patio!'

'Learning to prepare artichokes in an outdoor kitchen was very enjoyable and Shuna is such an entertaining and knowledgeable teacher.'

'We got to taste food cooked In a traditional outdoor wood-fired oven - the potatoes simply baked in oil and oregano were fantastic!'

'It was a great experience making traditional Greek bread and pastry.'

'Goni was a wonderful hostess and it was a huge privilege to learn recipes passed down through her family.'

'What an amazing afternoon spent in Niko's olive grove, learning about the wild edible plants that grow there as well as admiring his beautiful veg patch!'

'The outdoor kitchen is such a great place for trying new ideas.'

'For me, learning how easy it is to prepare different beetroot salads was one of the highlights of the course.'